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Wood Canyon, up Cholla, down Rock-It
This is the easiest way to get to the top of the ridge. This loop takes you out the canyon to the end, up a short twisty single track to the ridge. You will then follow the ridge line before you start down Rock-It trail back into the canyon.

You will find out just why they call it Rock-it. About one third of the way down the Rock-It trail is the namesake section.

Starting at the main entrance, ride along the paved service road and then parallel to it for about a mile. The entrance to Wood Canyon is marked by a right turn off of the pavement to the dirt service road. The entrance also has a ranger station and porta-potties. Ride about 3 miles up through the canyon to the end where Cholla trail starts up to the ridge. Ride up Cholla trail to the top, take a left and follow the ridge line for about 3/4 mile to the head of Rock-It (look for the water tower on your right (Rock-it will be immediately to your left). Head down Rock-it till you get back to the base of the canyon. Stay to the right and take Coyote Run as it follows the creek back to Mathis. Turn left through the creek and ride the 200 feet to Wood Canyon. Turn Right head down Wood Canyon to the ranger station, then make a left and head back to the car.

Ride Statistics:
Difficulty: Intermediate
Course: Loop, Off-road
Total: 11.0 miles
Gain: 800 feet
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Wood Canyon, up Cholla, down Rock-It™
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